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Hilaturas Mar prepares 3 novelties for Techtextil

Hilaturas Mar team, participates one more year in the Techtextil fair where it has presented its latest innovations in technical and folded yarns.

One of these novelties corresponds to friction yarns, made up of glass, para-aramids and other materials with metallic inserts.

The second first is the paper yarns, with high-tenacity interiors and various coatings (such as fireproofing, waterproofing, etc.) for various fillings for electrical wiring, agriculture with a biodegradable character, special carpets, etc.

The 3 firsts are: friction threads, Nw tapes and threads for packing and filtering

The list of novelties is closed by the NW Tapes, applicable to very light fabrics, susceptible to dyeing for upholstery and special textiles.

The offer of Hilaturas Mar in Techtextil will be increasingly broad, since we will also include threads for filtering water and gases, threads for packing and other fields applicable to technical textile developments.

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