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We are a company based in Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante) that offers recycled fibers and technical yarns since Rafael Barceló Sanjuán (Felo) started this great heritage in 1983.

Hilaturas Mar desde 1983
RB Fibres


Rafael Barceló Sanjuan

Rafael Barceló Sanjuán, an industrialist since 1950, gives way to his son Rafael Barceló Beneyto in the manufacture of recycled textile fibers


Hilaturas Mar is established

Hilaturas Mar begins its journey as a new company, specialized in DREF and precision bent yarns, for technical applications

Se constituye Hilaturas Mar S.L
Pioneros en maquinaria DREF


Pioneers in DREF machinery

"The first DREF 2000 machine for sale is already in operation at HILATURAS MAR SL, a company that has used this FEHRER friction spinning technology for the last 20 years".

Fehrer Focus Magazine 23 || Edition 3/99


Hilaturas Mar grows

The company modernizes and expands its facilities with new warehouses to manage the growing demand more efficiently

Hilaturas Mar crece
Stand Hilaturas Mar en Techtextil

2017 - 2022

Hilaturas Mar expands

Hilaturas Mar is internationalized and participates in technical fairs such as: Techtextil - Frankfurt /

ITMA - Barcelona / Colombiatex - Medellín / GreenTech - Amsterdam

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