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We have a vertical integration process with our own machinery and facilities, manufacturing recycled fibers, high-performance technical yarns and precision twisting

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Here are a few collaborations in Circular Economy projects and production of Technical yarns and Recycled natural fibers


The Sustainable Development Goals are those that United Nations approved in 2015 to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives of people around the world. From Hilaturas Mar we want make our contribution promoting its compliance:

Prevención de riesgos laborales en Hilaturas Mar

Our team works in a safe and healthy environment. We comply with Occupational Risk Prevention. We encourage good habits and physical and emotional well-being

Formación de calidad en Hilaturas Mar

At Hilaturas Mar we carry out training courses to increase the motivation, skills and productivity of colleagues

Plan de igualdad en Hilaturas Mar

We are developing actions within the EQUALITY PLAN, to value the same treatment and opportunities between men and women and eliminate gender discrimination

Gestión sostenible del agua en Hilaturas Mar

At Hilaturas Mar, the use of water in our factories is minimal. We comply with sustainable water management

Emisiones de CO2 reducidas en Hilaturas Mar

We have low CO2 emissions, a low carbon footprint impact and minimal water consumption, which position us as one of the leading companies in sustainability

Estabilidad laboral en Hilaturas Mar

We know the most important thing is people, which is why we carry out actions such as work-life balance, job stability and an internal promotion plan.

Tecnología más avanzada en Hilaturas Mar

In our facilities we have the most advanced technology and efficient machines. We invest in new equipment

Buen uso de energía y recursos en Hilaturas Mar

We reduce the environmental impact by not having discharges of wastes. We use energy and resources efficiently

Techtextil Sello sostenibilidad Hilaturas Mar
We have the hallmark of 'Sustainability at Techtextil/Texprocess' program from last Techtextil Fair in Frankfurt 2022

Managers of industrial waste 

According to the General Directorate of Quality and Environmental Education of the Generalitat Valenciana, HILATURAS MAR SL is authorized as Manager of Industrial Waste to carry out the treatment of non-hazardous waste in its facilities.


This means that the company has the capacity and authorization to manage and process waste that does not pose a risk to human health or the environment. These treatment operations may include activities such as recycling, composting, reuse or any other action aimed at reducing the environmental impact of this waste.

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