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RB Fibres: 40 years of Textile Recycling and the Post-Consumer Boom

The fashion industry, a sector that has often been praised for its innovation and creativity, is currently facing a monumental challenge: sustainability. The race towards a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible world is in full swing, and key industry players are coming together to address this challenge.

The article, available at this link ➡ published in Modaes magazine , shares the perspective of Toni Ribera, our Head of Sales at RB Fibers, who shares his vision and obstacles we face on this exciting journey towards sustainability.

According to Leal, recycling should not be the only step in the search for a more ecological world. His message is clear: before reaching recycling, it is essential to make people aware of the importance of reducing their consumption and reusing clothing whenever possible. Recycling should be the last option, not the first.

"Recycling must be the last step: people must be made aware that they must reduce consumption, reuse clothes and, finally, recycle them."

The path towards an environmentally friendly world depends largely on awareness. It is a call to action for both manufacturers and consumers to actively engage in the mission of creating a more sustainable fashion industry. This sustainable fashion is not just a passing trend, but a prevailing need in a world that struggles to preserve natural resources and reduce its ecological footprint.

The article published in Modaes, the leading newspaper in economic information on the fashion business in Spain, reminds us that the challenge of sustainability in the fashion industry is a continuous journey and collaboration between all interested parties is essential. Join this mission, and together we can create a more respectful and socially responsible world. ♻️👚🌍

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