Yarns for sealing

High temperatures

Empaquetadura junto

Glass + Para-Aramide Fiber / Basalt + Polypropylene

Liquid sealings


HT Polypropylene + Polypropylene Fiber

Yarns manufactured with continuous yarn core, covered by cut fibers to improve resins adherence (phenolics, epoxis, etc.) for thermal insulating textiles and other sealing products.

Depending on the final purpose of each sealing type, we compound yarns with several cores (glass, para-aramid, high tenacity polypropylene, basalt, preox, etc.) and cut thecnical fiber covers such as para-aramid, polyacrylate, FR (flame retardant) fibers, polypropylene, ramie, etc.)

Specification Range: From NM 8 till NM 0.5 (from 125Tex up to 2000Tex) and their folded ones till Ø 8 mm.


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