Yarns for Ropes

High Tenacity

bobina technora


Trimming refillings

Conos alimentacion pasamaneria blancs



Conos cordeleria alimentacion

Cellulose and Synthetic

Excellent temperature resistance. Yarns for ropes and flame resistance cords with unbroken yarn inners (glass, basalt, aramide, methalic) covered by chopped fibers as polyacrilate, aramid, etc.specified to bear high resistance in industrial applications.
Trimming refillings: Textile and paper cords for trimming refillings, curtains, mattresses, upholster furniture, with regular diameters and perfect finishing.
Food: High resistance cords to tie sausages and hams. They are manufactured in different thicknesses (from Ø 0.5 mm up to Ø 8 mm) and coloured compositions as customer requires.

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