Yarns for cleaning

Yarns for industrial and home mops


Limpieza hilo grueso


Limpieza fregona microfibra

Nonwovens tapes

Limpieza fregonas Tiras NW

Cotton: Folded yarns in cotton, viscose, synthetic and their blends. We are able to manufacture anti-bacterial polypropilene fibers with sanitized certification. They are available in cones, bolos or balls with specified sizes and cuts.

White, Crude and Colours
Microfiber folded yarns with high capilarity absortion and quick drying, in different compositions (microfiber, microfiber/cotton, microfiber/bambu, etc.)
White and Colours
Tapes: Folded or twisted tapes from viscose/synthetic, for high absortion level mops.
White, Blue and Green/White

Yarns for clenaning cloths


Limpieza hilo tradicional panos 2


hilo bayetas

Nw Tapes

Panos tiras NW

Yarns for cleaning cloths for industrial and domestic maket in:

Cotton: Cotton, viscose, bambu, synthetic and their blends. From Nm 0.5 up to Nm 5
Microfiber Yarns with high capillarity absortion in different compositions (microfiber, microfiber/cotton, microfiber/bambu, etc.)
Nw Tapes: Viscose/synthetic tapes for high absortion fabrics, optimum weight/volume ratio in widths from 10 mm up to 40 mm
Presentation: Cones without knots

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