Yarns for agro industry


Agricultura papel


mochila coton

NW Tapes

mochila agricultura Texido sin tejer NW

We offer biodegradable paper yarns, cotton yarns and nonwoven tapes applied for the agricultural world. They are great tutors for greenhouses as well as outdoor use. They are also applied in biodegradable fabric structures for different grounds.
We offer several diameters depending on final strength, including extra treatments such as mildew.

PAPER YARNS Natural advantages. They are produced from 100% natural cellulose fiber so the paper yarns have got totally biodegradable properties offering an answer to enviromental care. They are the perfect choice in front of other synthetic yarns traditionally used which do not offer any proper enviromental sustainability. Our paper yarn designs are the foundations to achieve innovative hand made proposals for our clients and their own requirements.

Specification Range: Diameter from 1.5 mm up to 7 mm
Inner Ø without cartridge 50 mm, length 100 mm and outer Ø 200 mm maximum


Water blocking yarn

Hilo blocaje agro

WATER BLOCKING YARN: We develope water blocking yarn for humidity withholding structures both in seasonal or long term arid areas with no rain. The fabrics developed with this technical fiber are ready to dose gradually the water supply to the roots; humidity losing is also reduced considerably.

Specification Range: From Nm 5 to Nm 0.5 (200Tex to 2000Tex) and their doubled ones up to Ø 8 mm


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